I’m writing this on my iPhone, which is at 10% power. That means I have no time to edit. My writing coach says we should write like that sometimes, without going back to correct, without editing, just an almost stream of consciousness getting from point A to B. 

How much energy would you be saving if you didn’t edit everything about yourself? We edit what we put on social media, we edit how we write, we edit what we say, we edit how we feel.

For Thursday’s energy challenge, cut out the editing. If not in everything, in something. Like waiting until you have exactly the right way of saying something before you say it. Let us know in the comments how that went.

As for the workout:

21 squats (weighted if possible), 21 lunge steps each leg, Bear walk back to your starting point

15 squats, 15 lunge steps, bear walk back

9 squats, 9 lunge steps, bear walk back