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It’s hot. Hard to focus. Enervating. Hard to keep a whole thought together all the way through the…what? What was I saying? Oh right, it’s really hot.

And there’s nothing hotter right now in corporate America than the idea that it’s possible to increase productivity through a quick shot of meditation. This is oversimplified, capitalist crap, of course, but there is plenty of science linking meditation to everything from increased brain mass to increased pain control, better quality sleep, increased ability to learn a foreign language, and a higher tolerance for stress. Also, changes in epigenetic gene expression, whatever that is.

Sometime today, find a quiet place to sit for 10 minutes of meditation. If you have a meditation practice, practice your practice. If you’d like a 10-minute guided meditation, this is a fine video you can use. Or you can read this long-ish but good-ish intro to the varieties of meditation, and get yourself 10 minutes to start. Do you have a guided meditation link you like? Share in the comments.

Our high-energy midweek jam:

12 high jumps, 12 V-ups, 12 burpees, 30-seconds of your best inversion
3 times straight through OR once through 5 times through the day

Oooohm on, mindful queerfitters!