Two to dos for our Earnergy Challenge. First, we’re making a water plan for the summer, and need your help.

What are your secrets for getting splashed, drenched, or submerged for cheap or free? You can chime in from anywhere, but if you have Atlanta-specific ideas, double points for you. A good self-serve carwash, a state park with a decent swimming area, splash pads, hotels with sneak-in-able pools…we’re going to need water to get through this summer.

Post your suggestions to the comments –

Second, you’ll need something you can throw without breaking (or that you don’t mind breaking) and a place to throw it. It can be a tree limb, a tire, a phonebook, a cinder block, a rock, a ½-filled laundry bag, or one of your dumbbells (if you have a field or yard that can take the abuse). With great feeling:

Throw the thing as far as possible without injury to yourself
Sprint, lunge, or broad jump to the thing.
5 squats while holding the thing

If you’re in a pool, throw the thing, swim to the thing, and heft the thing 5 times over your head.

Repeat 10 times. Try different ways of throwing – overhand, underhand, heaving over your shoulder, sideways.

Post what you threw and how to the comments.