For the 9 days remaining in our 30-day Super-Earnergy Challenge, we’re cutting out (1) everything where sugar is the first, second or third ingredient, (2) alcohol, or (3) screen time for the 3 hours before bedtime. You’ve already done this earlier in the challenge, for five days. This time you’re going to cut out your energy suck for a full 9 days. Take your pick & say it loud in the comments.

The workout for Sunday is 5 rounds of:

15 push-ups, hold a 30 second plank
5 weighted lunges each leg
100 foot weighted overhead walk
rest 30 seconds

For the weighted lunges, hold your dumbbells at your shoulders, and then over your head for the 100 foot walk. If you have access to a barbell, use the heaviest weight you can press up into an overhead locked out position and walk 100 feet. Use that weight for the weighted lunges, held in a front rack position.