photo (26)

First, the workout, which will fill you with the courage you’ll need for today’s energy booster:

5 rounds:

10 mountain climbers each leg
10 squats
30 second handstand hold (max hold last round).

Now, full of courage, today’s energy booster. It’s a biggie.

Energy vampires are the people who suck the life out of you. They are the opposite of the photo above, which is what it looks like when two people are energy boosters to each other. Energy vampires may be chronically critical, jealous,or full of blame. They complain, whine, and don’t take responsibility. They may be bullies or victims. There are dozens of kinds of vampires, but there’s something about you that attracts the particular kind of vampire that has been attached to your jugular for years now, sucking you dry. No wonder you’re feeling a little low on energy. Some of you have more than one.

Today, shed yourself of one. Shed, as in sever the relationship. If it’s a relationship you cannot actually sever, what are 3 ways you’re gong to shield yourself from the energy suck?