Expect meteorological perfection for tomorrow’s rep-a-thon. At 10:00, it’s going to be a sunny 72 degrees in Brownwood Park, where (among other feats of wonder) Lisa F will attempt a 300 pound deadlift and Shae will grind through 400+ burpees, squats and more.

Queerfit 92ers and wanna-be/used-to-be queerfitters are especially encouraged to come out tomorrow. It is 100% OK for you to do a few squats and sit out the rest of the workout if you’re just checking us out or getting back into the swing of things. If you want, you can kick back and sip your coffee, nibbling your cinnamon bun while we suffer. You are also welcome, of course, to join us through some or all of the brutal fun.

Yes, there will be a regular workout on top of the rep-a-thon.

We’re closing in on $2000, all of which we will use to buy more bumper plates, sleds, and other heavy toys to lift, drag, throw, climb, swing, jump, and slam. For every dollar you put in, you can assign a rep of anything to either the group as a whole or to a particular individual. You can buy your reps tomorrow in person, or do it online now. Here’s what been ordered up so far:

Divided among everyone:

160 burpees
130 push-ups
10 queermakers
20 deep breaths
475 unspecified reps

Divided among the coaches:

25 heavy thrusters

Kung Li:

100 burpees


100 burpees
100 good mornings
100 jumping jacks
100 squats
10 unspecified reps


25 push-ups


25 push-ups


10 unspecified reps


10 unspecified reps


30 reps on something you’ve plateaued on
30 unspecified reps


10 unspecified reps


20 thrusters
10 burpees
5 handstand push-ups
5 strict pull-ups
20 push-ups

Additionally, there is a max deadlift challenge on the table, with $1/pound for the heaviest 1 rep deadlift. Lisa F will be attempting 300 pounds, whooooooa.

Want to add more reps? Do it in person tomorrow at Brownwood, and/or online here. Thank you good people – we appreciate you!