This is the time of year we tend to slide into inactivity. It starts to get dark earlier, the Halloween candy goes on sale, you “accidentally” double the recipe for Thanksgiving stuffing, and before you know it, you’re at the bottom of the pit of gloom and despair, sucking down another bag of Hershey’s miniatures.

Do something different this year. Start now.

Slap your hands against your knees and say, “I’m the bomb diggity bomb and in the next three months I’m going to get bomber and more diggity every single friggin’ day!”

Did you do it?

Alrighty then. To help you out, queerfit is switching to an open format from October 1 through the end of the year. That means there is no need to apply for membership to join us at our Tuesday and Saturday workouts for the next 3 months. Old-timers, newcomers, friends, wannabes…come on out. Tuesday at 6:15 and Saturdays at 10:00, we are at Brownwood Park just south of East Atlanta Village. As always, be mindful that we are a space for people of color and allies. We especially encourage participation from people of color who are trans*, LBG, and/or fighting the criminalization of our communities. You do not have to identify as queer to come to queerfit; you just have to be OK with coming to something called queerfit. If you’re a white ally who is stressed out about whether this is the right space for you, thanks for being stressed out about it. You can email us at qfsupergroup [at ] gmail [dot] com and we can talk it over.

Also starting tomorrow, the daily challenges are back. If you’re going to get bomber and more diggity by the day, these are the daily challenges that keep you moving ever upwards towards awesome. Glo will be programming and Shae will be posting them to the Queerfit ATL facebook page.  This means the daily challenge will not be coming to your email – you will need to become a member of the FB group to see the daily challenges. The way FB now manipulates your newsfeed, the daily post will not necessarily pop up on your feed. You can jigger this by making the group a favorite, or you can just know to check the page.

For the October daily challenges, it’s all about Push-ups and Greens. Yes, THERE WILL BE POINTS. One point for doing the daily challenge, one point for eating a serving of leafy greens, three points for coming to a Tuesday or Saturday workout. More points at Glo’s discretion. You drop a comment in the FB post to get your points. And THERE WILL BE A PRIZE. The prize for the October push-up + greens challenge is a $30 Charis Books gift certificate.

See you out at Brownwood. Thanks to your generosity during the rep-a-thon, we will soon be adding hack bars, more bumper plates, sleds, and other heavies to our toybox. I feel more diggity just thinking about it.