Let us now appreciate my breasts. Or, as they’ve insisted on being called in these, their final days, My Breasts. Here they are, in 1993 (NSFW).

In the photo, My Breasts had just finished being questioned by the cop (visible there, lurking in the background) sent to keep an eye on Atlanta’s first Dyke March. He wanted to know whether My Breasts intended to carry on for the rest of the march uncovered. Indeed they did.

To my right in the golf cart is Brenda Henson, half of the working class lesbian couple who started Camp Sister Spirit in Ovett, MS. The women wanted a feminist retreat center for Mississippi, and bought 120 acres in the reddest neckest corner of their state to make it happen. For their trouble, the white Baptist church in Ovett put together a militia that phoned in death threats, shot at them, scattered nails and glass in their driveway, and hung a dead dog on their mailbox.

The day after this photo was taken, My Breasts and others belonging to Lesbian Avengers made their way up Peachtree Street before a banner that read, We Need More Stonewalls. We got both cheers and jeers. Every few Read more…