This morning, I was able to do my hair. Fellas who’ve had top surgery & those who have taken care of them…you know what I’m talking about. It means life is good.

Which means QF92 is ON.

It’s on because at this moment, there are many things driving us at to retreat into their own living rooms. When you watch videos of police killings and beatings, your mirror neurons triggers reactions in your body as if what you are watching was happening to you directly. Those of you doing movement and social justice work have to regularly confront powerful people and institutions who wish you ill. People who you love and trust do terrible things.

The coaching team for QF92 (Kung Li, Shae, Jocelyn, Glo, and Zahra) want to invite you away from scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram. We want you to build the strength, resilience and community you need to live with a wide open heart in a world that is trying to do you great harm. We would like to have you get your fitness on with a group of people who need each other to survive.

QF92 will run January 9 – April 9.

The coaches – Glo, Shae, Jocelyn, Zahra, & me – have made a few tweaks to the programming, but the basic structure of QF92 remains the same: workouts on Tuesday and Saturday + daily challenges scored for your team.

  • If you did QF92 and rocked it, great. Apply to do it again.
  • If you did QF92 and maybe kinda slid off towards the end there, great. Apply and try it again.
  • If you did not do QF92 but want to dedicate 92 days to getting stronger, more mobile and happier, and to being actively in community, great. Apply here.

As with this past year, version 2016 is limited to 30 people, with priority given to POC freedom fighters. All levels of fitness and mobility are welcome. We anticipate that the number of applications will again far exceed the number of available spaces, so if you apply, please make a conscious commitment to be present and accountable for the entire 92 days.

Applications are due on or before January 5. Let’s do this!