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Feb. 1 Double Go Go

It being the 1st of the month AND the first day of the work week, our challenge for today is a double shot of high intensity excellence.

For 1 point for your team:

3 sun salutations, then straight into  30 mountain climbers each leg, 20 squats, 10 burpees, 5 tuck jumps, 10 burpees, 20 squats, 30 mountain climbers each leg.

Then go about your day, and 3 or more hours later: 

30 mountain climbers each leg, 20 squats, 10 burpees, 5 tuck jumps, 10 burpees, 20 squats, 30 mountain climbers each leg, 3 sun salutations 

Sun salutations slow and deliberate. The rest of it smooth, fast, and then faster and smoother. 

January 30 Best Sunday of the Year

Our opening question on Saturday was, 

It’s Dec 31 2016 and you’re saying to yourself, Oh wow that was the best year of my life! What happened in 2016 that made it so?

A similar question for our Sunday challenge: 

It’s midnight on Sunday, January 30 and you’re saying to yourself, Wow that was the best day I’ve had  all year! What made it so?

One of the things could include, for those of you in QF92, the potluck today at Zahra’s house, the Orange Moon, at 4:00. Your coach will text you the address. 

Another this is to earn your point by doing:

5 sun salutations, then 

100 push-ups by doing one max rep set, then resting a minute, than finishing out the 100 by doing 5 reps at a time. Then

5 sun salutations

If at all possible, get outside to do this challenge.

And then do the 1 thing that will make this the best day you’ve had all year. 

January 30. Sunshine all Weekend

…starting Saturday at queerfit time. A bit chilly at 46 degrees, but from the FB page evidence, your legs will be toasty fine. I didn’t even know leg warmers still existed, ergo the 5 points for doing Thursday’s challenge in leg warmers.

QF92 in Brownwood Park Saturday at 10:00, then QF92 Brupper at Orange Moon Sunday at 4:00. Request is to bring a dish, your own napkin (cloth preferred) and a drinking cup. We’re not just fit. We’re low waste too.

For you remotes, Saturday’s challenge is:

7  triple push-up burpees (exactly as it sounds: burpees with 3 rather than just 1 push-up)
7 three-second pause squats (pause 3 seconds at the bottom of your squat – “the bottom” is just below parallel when there is still tension in your hamstrings, not all the way down where you’re just sitting like you’re waiting for the bus)
hold an inversion – this is 30 seconds if you’re doing a down dog, max hold if you’re in a handstand

3 times if you get outside for at least 2 hours
5 times if your outside time is less than 2 hours


January 29 celebrating Friday with…

…well, squats of course. If you have dumbbells, you’re doing dumbbell thrusters. If not, you’re doing squats. The challenge:

5 sun salutations, as early in the day as you can manage

Then throughout the day, 

5 rounds of [ either 12 DB thrusters or  20 squats, then 7 VERY slow all the way to the ground push-ups, then 6 DB thruster or 10 squats, then 7 VERY slow push-ups ].

If you’re doing the 5 rounds all in one go, rest 30 seconds between rounds.

If you’re soon the rounds throughout the day, then add 20 mountain climbers to the end of the round.

*** also, is the QF92 Sunday Late Brunch/Early Supper on your calendar? 4:00 at Zahra’s place aka Orange Moon Sanctuary ***

Announcements of winning teams these first few weeks this Saturday.

Get your Fridays in, friends! 

Jan. 28 A Day for 80’s Cardio

As you’ve no doubt figured out by now, queerfit workouts get our “cardio” done without long slow runs, bikes, rows, or swims. It’s not that we don’t believe in long slow cardio, it’s just that it’s not the best use of our time together as a group, when 15 minutes of high intensity shenanigans can jack your heart-rate up and get you stronger and increase your mobility all in one flow.

But once in a while, we like to throw in some 80’s style cardio. Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and this…

Thursday’s challenge, for 1 point:

Your choice of

a 20 minutes of jogging or power walking
20 minutes on the bike
20 minutes on a rower, elliptical, stairmaster, or any other piece of gym cardio equipment
a step aerobics, aqua fitness, zumba, spin, or any such class

It’s 1 point for completion and posting to the comments
It’s 1 extra point for posting a photo to the facebook page
It’s 1 extra EXTRA point for posting a photo to the facebook page with you completing your 80’s style cardio while sporting either a headband or wristbands
It’s 5 extra EXTRA EXTRA points for leg warmers

Get yer cardio in, you amazing humans.

Jan. 27 burpees + jumping jacks

A calendar item before we get to the challenge – we’re late brunching it this Sunday at Zahra’s house (Orange Moon Sanctuary). Details to follow, but put “3:00 QF92 potluck” on hour calendar for Jan. 31.

The midweek challenge is a quick and lovely little descending set – 

As early as you’re able, 5 sun salutations. Then anytime in the day, for one point:

10 burpees, 15 jumping jacks

9 burpees,  15 jumping jacks

8 burpees, 15 jumping jacks

And so on down to 1 burpee, 15 jumping jacks

To make this an energizer rather than a trudging drudgery, do each round of burpees smoother and faster than the last round. This requires you to really tune into your movement – what’s the tweak you can make to make your movement more efficient? You’re trying to find a small improvement in the quality of your burpees with each round. 

Beautiful burpees, good people! 

Jan. 26 get ye to the Rush Center…

…for our Tuesday workout. 1530 Dekalb Ave., go to the back, next to CrossfitRx.

If you’re playing along remotely, your Tuesday challenge is (1) do yesterday’s challenge or (2) if you did yesterday’s, then move on to:

27 good solid plank push-ups in as few sets as possible, then 

Take the number of sets, multiple by 10, and do that many squats

Repeat with 35 push-ups