Not much sun in the forecast, so we’re generating our own. Today’s challenge, as early in the day as you’re able:

2 simple sun salutations – or just follow along with this video


7 minutes of:

10 squats
1 x 10 count inversion (either down dog or a handstand against the wall, then count 1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, 3 mississippi…)
5 push-ups, any variation
5 lunges each leg
either 15 seconds rest or 3 burpees

At the end of the rest or burpees, go back to the squats. Keep going until you hit 7 minutes. If you don’t have a timer, go 5 rounds.

To earn your 1 point for your team, post to the comments that you completed it, and any details you’d like to add (your total rounds, what kind of push-ups you did, how you’re feeling after Saturday’s workout, etc.)