Having trouble getting up today? Sitting down?

Welcome to DOMSlandia. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is what has you waking up Monday like oooooooooh, I thought I was sore yesterday

Monday’s challenge will help. Really.

2 sun salutations as early as you’re able. Here’s the video to help you along. Then, 5 times throughout the day:

15 very very slow squats, holding 2-3 seconds at the bottom
12 sit-ups
9 push-ups

If you’re sore, spread these 5 rounds throughout the day. Yes, in the office in your work clothes.

If you’re not sore, do these 5 rounds straight through.

If you’re not sore and want to go heavy in the gym, go 3 rounds with front or back squats @ 50% 1 rep max.

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