The sun is scheduled to be on full blast all of Thursday. So many good things come out of soaking that good stuff up. More time in the sun has been shown to:

Also, it feels nice. It’s chilly, but the temperature will climb to 60 degrees in the mid-afternoon. The challenge for today is:

3 rounds of [ 15 push-ups, 1 sun salutation, then 15 push-ups ]

These can be done all in a row with 1 minute rest in between, or spread out through the day. Any variation of push-up is good. Anytime the sun is out is good.

1 point for your team for completion
1 EXTRA POINT if all 3 rounds are done outside

Let us know in the comments how you did. If you’re putting in for an extra point, tell us where you did your outside time. Be honorable for your extra point – all 3 rounds means all 3 complete rounds.