…1 point to your team for going to the Rustin/Lorde breakfast (10:00 am at Loudermilk Conference Center 40 Courtland St NE) or marching with the #BLM/SNAPCo/SONG/#GANot1More contingent (gathering at corner of Ellis & Peachtree at 1:00). Report on your attendance in the comments.

Alternatively, if work or what not keeps you away, the challenge for the day is 100 lunges each leg, broken up in no more than 4 sets. 

And a heads up for Tuesday’s 6:15 work-out…we’ll be indoors at the Phillip Rush Center at 1530 DeKalb Ave. Go to the back, behind the main building. You’ll see people workin out at CrossfitRx. We’re next door.