Yesterday we jumped, so today we get low and get down. For 1 point:

2 simple sun salutations as early in the day as you’re able (yes you have to do these for your point!). Then, find a place with at least 15 feet of space. 20 or 30 feet is even better. This can be across the room, or down a hallway.

Starting in a down dog, 7 push-ups. Make them dive bomber push-ups if you’d like.
Bear crawl 15-30 feet (any variation of crawling is ok – so long as you’re using all four of your paws to ambulate from point A to point B)
15 mountain climbers each leg
Get back to your starting point by walking or lunging – your choice. Shake out your shoulders by VIGOROUSLY giving yourself big loving hugs, like you really like yourself and am SO HAPPY to be doing these bear crawls with someone as super-excellent as yourself.

Repeat 6 times