A calendar item before we get to the challenge – we’re late brunching it this Sunday at Zahra’s house (Orange Moon Sanctuary). Details to follow, but put “3:00 QF92 potluck” on hour calendar for Jan. 31.

The midweek challenge is a quick and lovely little descending set – 

As early as you’re able, 5 sun salutations. Then anytime in the day, for one point:

10 burpees, 15 jumping jacks

9 burpees,  15 jumping jacks

8 burpees, 15 jumping jacks

And so on down to 1 burpee, 15 jumping jacks

To make this an energizer rather than a trudging drudgery, do each round of burpees smoother and faster than the last round. This requires you to really tune into your movement – what’s the tweak you can make to make your movement more efficient? You’re trying to find a small improvement in the quality of your burpees with each round. 

Beautiful burpees, good people!