As you’ve no doubt figured out by now, queerfit workouts get our “cardio” done without long slow runs, bikes, rows, or swims. It’s not that we don’t believe in long slow cardio, it’s just that it’s not the best use of our time together as a group, when 15 minutes of high intensity shenanigans can jack your heart-rate up and get you stronger and increase your mobility all in one flow.

But once in a while, we like to throw in some 80’s style cardio. Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and this…

Thursday’s challenge, for 1 point:

Your choice of

a 20 minutes of jogging or power walking
20 minutes on the bike
20 minutes on a rower, elliptical, stairmaster, or any other piece of gym cardio equipment
a step aerobics, aqua fitness, zumba, spin, or any such class

It’s 1 point for completion and posting to the comments
It’s 1 extra point for posting a photo to the facebook page
It’s 1 extra EXTRA point for posting a photo to the facebook page with you completing your 80’s style cardio while sporting either a headband or wristbands
It’s 5 extra EXTRA EXTRA points for leg warmers

Get yer cardio in, you amazing humans.