…well, squats of course. If you have dumbbells, you’re doing dumbbell thrusters. If not, you’re doing squats. The challenge:

5 sun salutations, as early in the day as you can manage

Then throughout the day, 

5 rounds of [ either 12 DB thrusters or  20 squats, then 7 VERY slow all the way to the ground push-ups, then 6 DB thruster or 10 squats, then 7 VERY slow push-ups ].

If you’re doing the 5 rounds all in one go, rest 30 seconds between rounds.

If you’re soon the rounds throughout the day, then add 20 mountain climbers to the end of the round.

*** also, is the QF92 Sunday Late Brunch/Early Supper on your calendar? 4:00 at Zahra’s place aka Orange Moon Sanctuary ***

Announcements of winning teams these first few weeks this Saturday.

Get your Fridays in, friends!