…starting Saturday at queerfit time. A bit chilly at 46 degrees, but from the FB page evidence, your legs will be toasty fine. I didn’t even know leg warmers still existed, ergo the 5 points for doing Thursday’s challenge in leg warmers.

QF92 in Brownwood Park Saturday at 10:00, then QF92 Brupper at Orange Moon Sunday at 4:00. Request is to bring a dish, your own napkin (cloth preferred) and a drinking cup. We’re not just fit. We’re low waste too.

For you remotes, Saturday’s challenge is:

7  triple push-up burpees (exactly as it sounds: burpees with 3 rather than just 1 push-up)
7 three-second pause squats (pause 3 seconds at the bottom of your squat – “the bottom” is just below parallel when there is still tension in your hamstrings, not all the way down where you’re just sitting like you’re waiting for the bus)
hold an inversion – this is 30 seconds if you’re doing a down dog, max hold if you’re in a handstand

3 times if you get outside for at least 2 hours
5 times if your outside time is less than 2 hours