Our opening question on Saturday was, 

It’s Dec 31 2016 and you’re saying to yourself, Oh wow that was the best year of my life! What happened in 2016 that made it so?

A similar question for our Sunday challenge: 

It’s midnight on Sunday, January 30 and you’re saying to yourself, Wow that was the best day I’ve had  all year! What made it so?

One of the things could include, for those of you in QF92, the potluck today at Zahra’s house, the Orange Moon, at 4:00. Your coach will text you the address. 

Another this is to earn your point by doing:

5 sun salutations, then 

100 push-ups by doing one max rep set, then resting a minute, than finishing out the 100 by doing 5 reps at a time. Then

5 sun salutations

If at all possible, get outside to do this challenge.

And then do the 1 thing that will make this the best day you’ve had all year.