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Jan. 25 Triptych

A 3-parter for Monday’s challenge, to get us up and at ’em, whoever ’em may be.

1. As early in the day as possible, 5 sun salutations.

2. 3 rounds of [ 10 lunges each leg, 15 push-ups, 20 squats ]

3.  “I really wish other people knew this about me…” Do 25 push-ups, use this prompt to write for 15 minutes, then do 25 more push-ups. You can break up the push-ups however you like, but the writing should be in one 15 min chunk, no stopping.

Let us know in the comments when you’re done, for 1 point.

Also, a heads up that Tuesday night we’ll be at the Rush Center again. 

Jan. 24 Get outside!

Sunshine today and a day off from squats and what not.

If you missed a day this past week, today’s the day to make it up. If you got ’em all in, your Sunday challenge is to spend 2 hours outdoors. It can be all at once or in dribs and drabs, but if the latter, it has to add up to 2 hours. And outside means outside, not sitting at a window where you can see the outside. 

For 1 point, let us know in the comments how you did your 2 hours. Sitting in the sun is fine; a hike is even finer. 

Jan. 23 Stay Home and Toast Your Buns

Early post, because that white stuff coming down right now is snow.

The forecast calls for rain or  snow until 3 am, at which point the temperature drops to 31 degrees, which in Atlanta means, icy roads = the end of world as we know it.

Maybe. It may also just be damp and chilly tomorrow morning. But just in case it IS the end of the world as we know it, we’re cancelling Saturday’s QF92 and replacing it with a stay-at-home version. For your 3 points, comment below and post a photo (or video) to our FB page. For a whopping 5 points, do the workout outside and with at least 1 other person – photographic verification required.

At 10:00, or as close to 10:00 as you can manage, start with

100 jumping jacks, 15 arms circles front and back, 10 squats to warm up. Then
3 sun salutations, then immediately go into:

25 weighted squats, weighted with something/one that allows you to barely do 25 in a row;
25 push-ups, broken up however you need to break them up;
25 jumping jacks or (if you have a jump rope) single jump skips or double-unders

20 weighted squats – add weight if you’re able
20 push-ups, different that the kinds of push-ups than you did for 25
20 jumping jacks, rope skips, or double-unders

15 weighted squats – add weight if you’re able
15 push-ups, yet another variation
15 jumping jacks, rope skips, or double-unders

10 weighted squats – add weight if you’re able
10 push-ups, different variation
10 jumping jacks, rope skips, or double-unders

5 weighted squats – add weight if you’re able
5 push-ups, different variation
5 jumping jacks, rope skips, or double-unders

Finish with your choice of either 100 squats, or if your knees are bugging you, 5 accumulated minutes of a wall sit.

Whether you toast your buns or not will depend on how precisely you’re able to put together a weight that has you nearly falling out at the end of each set of squats. Whatever weighted object you choose, keep your form tight – tall chest, neutral spine.

xoxoxo dear queerfitters! I miss you already –

Jan. 22 Getting down

Yesterday we jumped, so today we get low and get down. For 1 point:

2 simple sun salutations as early in the day as you’re able (yes you have to do these for your point!). Then, find a place with at least 15 feet of space. 20 or 30 feet is even better. This can be across the room, or down a hallway.

Starting in a down dog, 7 push-ups. Make them dive bomber push-ups if you’d like.
Bear crawl 15-30 feet (any variation of crawling is ok – so long as you’re using all four of your paws to ambulate from point A to point B)
15 mountain climbers each leg
Get back to your starting point by walking or lunging – your choice. Shake out your shoulders by VIGOROUSLY giving yourself big loving hugs, like you really like yourself and am SO HAPPY to be doing these bear crawls with someone as super-excellent as yourself.

Repeat 6 times

Jan. 21 Squat & JUMP

Because we went a whole day without them.

Today’s challenge is all squats, all day. With a few jumps thrown in. Here it is:

15 squats
5 seconds to shake out your legs, then
5 jumps, really high. Get down into a crouch, jump as high as you can, land like a ninja.

You’re doing this 6 times throughout the day, with at least an hour between sets. You’re not doing 6 rounds of this straight through. Really get up there on your jumps. And really do try to land as lightly as possible. Your joints will thank you.


Jan. 20 Inversion Perversion

Our Wednesday challenge, for 1 point:

3 sun salutations, then –

3 rounds of:
12 push-ups…just a little deeper than you’ve been doing them
30 second plank…squeezing your butt, hard
30 second inversion (down-dog, single arm handstand, or anything in between)

If your butt’s not shaking during your plank, squeeze harder.

Later in the day, add a booster shot of delicious to your late afternoon with another 2 rounds.

Drop your “done” in the comments to earn a point for your team. We tally up this first round of points this Friday, so get it in, mighty queerfitters!

At Rush Center tonight 

Just a reminder that Tuesday’s workout will be indoors – warm & toasty & tasty as a grilled cheese sandwich so perfectly grilled it glows – at the Philip Rush Center on DeKalb Ave.

If you’re remote, Tuesday’s workout is a bouquet of bottom pause squats: 

12 squats, with a 3 second pause at the bottom; on the 12th squat, count to 15 at the bottom before standing; 15 sit-ups (v-ups if you’re able); then max number of push-ups without breaking form

12 squats, with a 3 second pause at the bottom; on the 12th squat, count to 25; 25 sit-ups (v-ups if you’re able); then max push-ups 

12 squats, with a 3 second pause; on 12th squat, count to 35; 35 sit-ups (v-ups if you’re able); then max push-ups 

As always, weighted front or back squats are a fine variation if that’s your cup of tea.