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Jan. 22 Getting down

Yesterday we jumped, so today we get low and get down. For 1 point:

2 simple sun salutations as early in the day as you’re able (yes you have to do these for your point!). Then, find a place with at least 15 feet of space. 20 or 30 feet is even better. This can be across the room, or down a hallway.

Starting in a down dog, 7 push-ups. Make them dive bomber push-ups if you’d like.
Bear crawl 15-30 feet (any variation of crawling is ok – so long as you’re using all four of your paws to ambulate from point A to point B)
15 mountain climbers each leg
Get back to your starting point by walking or lunging – your choice. Shake out your shoulders by VIGOROUSLY giving yourself big loving hugs, like you really like yourself and am SO HAPPY to be doing these bear crawls with someone as super-excellent as yourself.

Repeat 6 times

Jan. 21 Squat & JUMP

Because we went a whole day without them.

Today’s challenge is all squats, all day. With a few jumps thrown in. Here it is:

15 squats
5 seconds to shake out your legs, then
5 jumps, really high. Get down into a crouch, jump as high as you can, land like a ninja.

You’re doing this 6 times throughout the day, with at least an hour between sets. You’re not doing 6 rounds of this straight through. Really get up there on your jumps. And really do try to land as lightly as possible. Your joints will thank you.


Jan. 20 Inversion Perversion

Our Wednesday challenge, for 1 point:

3 sun salutations, then –

3 rounds of:
12 push-ups…just a little deeper than you’ve been doing them
30 second plank…squeezing your butt, hard
30 second inversion (down-dog, single arm handstand, or anything in between)

If your butt’s not shaking during your plank, squeeze harder.

Later in the day, add a booster shot of delicious to your late afternoon with another 2 rounds.

Drop your “done” in the comments to earn a point for your team. We tally up this first round of points this Friday, so get it in, mighty queerfitters!

At Rush Center tonight 

Just a reminder that Tuesday’s workout will be indoors – warm & toasty & tasty as a grilled cheese sandwich so perfectly grilled it glows – at the Philip Rush Center on DeKalb Ave.

If you’re remote, Tuesday’s workout is a bouquet of bottom pause squats: 

12 squats, with a 3 second pause at the bottom; on the 12th squat, count to 15 at the bottom before standing; 15 sit-ups (v-ups if you’re able); then max number of push-ups without breaking form

12 squats, with a 3 second pause at the bottom; on the 12th squat, count to 25; 25 sit-ups (v-ups if you’re able); then max push-ups 

12 squats, with a 3 second pause; on 12th squat, count to 35; 35 sit-ups (v-ups if you’re able); then max push-ups 

As always, weighted front or back squats are a fine variation if that’s your cup of tea.

Jan. 18 For MLK Day…

…1 point to your team for going to the Rustin/Lorde breakfast (10:00 am at Loudermilk Conference Center 40 Courtland St NE) or marching with the #BLM/SNAPCo/SONG/#GANot1More contingent (gathering at corner of Ellis & Peachtree at 1:00). Report on your attendance in the comments.

Alternatively, if work or what not keeps you away, the challenge for the day is 100 lunges each leg, broken up in no more than 4 sets. 

And a heads up for Tuesday’s 6:15 work-out…we’ll be indoors at the Phillip Rush Center at 1530 DeKalb Ave. Go to the back, behind the main building. You’ll see people workin out at CrossfitRx. We’re next door. 

Jan. 17 Climb Every Mountain

You have all day Sunday to do this one. You’ll need to find something you can safely climb up onto and do some push-ups – it can be a kitchen counter, a sturdy table, a truck bed, a waist high or higher wall, etc. If you have to clear off your kitchen counter or a table to do this, all the better.If you nothing else, it’s ok to use your bed, but do go look around outside first.

For 1 point:

2 sun salutations. The video again, for a simple 3:00 version. Then

20 mountain climbers each leg
climb up to your thing and do 15 squats, 10 push-ups, then climb down
15 mountain climbers each leg
climb up to your thing and do 15 squats, 10 push-ups, then climb down
10 mountain climbers each leg
climb up to your thing and do 15 squats, 10 push-ups, then climb down
5 mountain climbers each leg
climb up to your thing and do 15 squats, 10 push-ups, then climb down
10 mountain climbers each leg
climb up to your thing and do 15 squats, 10 push-ups, then climb down
15 mountain climbers each leg
climb up to your thing and do 15 squats, 10 push-ups, then climb down
20 mountain climbers each leg

That’s for 1 point. To get an extra point, do this outside at some elevated place: think Stone Mountain on a picnic table.

Eyeballing the points, looks like team #planktified is in the lead for what we’re going to count as the first week (actually a week and a half).  Help your team out – each week will have a winner, the overall winner being the team that’s won the most weeks.

Jan. 16 Get to Brownwood Park

…for a sunny, 50 degree-ish fitness frenzy. And 3 points for your team.

If you’re playing along remotely, your workout for Saturday:

3 sun salutations, then

20 squats, 15 push-ups, 10 squat jumps, 5 push-ups, 400 meter run 

3 rounds, faster each round (the run, especially)

Take 2 min to catch your breath. Then a 50 meter sprint. Then another if running fast makes you feel like busting out another sprint. 

Jan. 15 Seven minutes of heaven

A week?! Indeed…today is the seventh day in a row you’ve moved your body in every which way. Go ahead and shake it like a Polaroid picture to remind yourself how awesome you are.

On out seventh day, we’re doing:

7 push-ups, 7 squats, 7 lunges each leg, 7 mountain climbers each leg

Repeat, for 7 minutes 

Go smooth and slow for the first minute, then smoother and faster every round until by the last minute you are the moving as strong & pretty as Apollo Creed (before Rocky beat him up). 

Then check in with a teammate today and check in on yourself. To ring up 1 point for your team, give us a few words in your comments about how you’re feeling one week in. 

Jan. 14 Good day sunshine

The sun is scheduled to be on full blast all of Thursday. So many good things come out of soaking that good stuff up. More time in the sun has been shown to:

Also, it feels nice. It’s chilly, but the temperature will climb to 60 degrees in the mid-afternoon. The challenge for today is:

3 rounds of [ 15 push-ups, 1 sun salutation, then 15 push-ups ]

These can be done all in a row with 1 minute rest in between, or spread out through the day. Any variation of push-up is good. Anytime the sun is out is good.

1 point for your team for completion
1 EXTRA POINT if all 3 rounds are done outside

Let us know in the comments how you did. If you’re putting in for an extra point, tell us where you did your outside time. Be honorable for your extra point – all 3 rounds means all 3 complete rounds.



Jan. 13 Our first day of 100

We’re 5 days in on Wednesday, meaning it’s time for our first 100.

But first, 2 sun salutations as early in the day as you can.

Then the 100. Newbies, you’re doing 100 squats today. It can be done all at once in as few sets as possible, or it can be broken up into 5 sets of 20.

Old-timers, your challenge is to weight your 100 squats some kind of way today. That can be squats while holding your dog, weighted front squats, overhead squats using a chair, broomstick or bar, squats while holding dumbbells up at your shoulders, or any variation thereof. You’re in charge of breaking them up as you wish.

For 1 point, let us know what kind of squats you did today, and how you did them.