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March 1 -In Brownwood Park tonight

The rain will have stopped and it will be 67 degrees at queerfit time Tuesday night, so meet up at our usual spot in Brownwood Park for an outdoor workout.

Those playing along remotely, here we go:

5 sun salutations first thing in the morning, then

3 rounds (or 5 if you’re feeling frisky) of:

12 mountain climbers each leg
5 very slow pushups
hold a down dog or handstand against the wall 30 seconds
5 very slow pushups
12 mountain climbers each leg
5 lunges each leg
12 V-ups
hold a V-sit for 30 seconds
12 V-ups
5 lunges each leg

Feb. 29 – Fast & Furious

For leap year’s extra day, we have a challenge that takes 6 minutes (or less) and burns extra hot. You must be warmed up to do this, so before you launch, do:

2 sun salutations with spiderman stretch
10 squats, 10 pushups
20 jumping jacks
10 squats, 10 pushups
2 sun salutations with spiderman stretch


3 double push-up triple tuck jump burpees
bear crawl 15-20 feet point A to point B
12 V-ups (if you have access to a pull up bar, do toes to bars or knee to elbows)
high knee skips point B to point A

3 rounds

The double push-up triple tuck jump burpee is a burpee with 2 push-ups rather than 1, and in place of that little bunny hop at the end, you’re launching yourself up into 3 tuck jumps where you land as softly as a ninja pow pow. If you are not able to land soft as a ninja, do the regular bunny hop.

At the end, stand up tall on your toes and reach your hands way up.  Feel that blood moving through you? That life, baby. Go get it.

Feb. 28 – Epic Sun Day

Sunny and a high of 68 this Sunday. The week upcoming is going to be mostly grey. The challenge today is to get outside for at least an hour to complete one of the following:

  1. a walk along the beltline or around the park or anywhere you stop every 6 minutes to do 1 sun salutation + 10-12 pushups + 8 squats + 20 seconds linking your hands behind your back and opening your chest
  2. this hour long 108-sun salutation sequence where you pause every 10 salutations for restorative chest openers (I’ll be doing them with legs extended)

This one is tough by yourself! Bring along a friend and/or a fellow queerfitter.

If you do both, well, you get 2 points for your team.

AND one for chance for points…Ms. Cheryl’s move date has moved to this Monday night at 6:30. If you’re able to load in (it should be done within an hour), let me know in the comments and we’ll contact you with her address  and details. And thanks to you who have already committed.

Alright. Go soak up all the goodness just flowing for free out the sun.

Feb. 26 – The Walking Lunge

The Walking Lunge, one of the best movements to build the strength + balance + flexibility combo that makes you feel exactly the opposite of the Walking Dead.

Did that sentence make sense? Just saying: walk lunge good! Also, super fun!

For 1 point, our Friday challenge:

5 sun salutations as early in the day as possible

Then anytime, preferably outside, gather up some odd objects and do

5 walking lunges each leg point A to point B
12 V-ups or sit-ups
2 burpees
5 walking lunges each leg point B to point A
12 V-ups or sit-ups
2 burpees

You’re going to go back and forth 7 times. Each time, do a variation of the walking lunge. These variations include:

hold a weight with both hands overhead
hold a weight with one hand overhead
hold a weight hugged to your chest
hold weights by your side

Swapping out the objects you use as your weights is fine too.

Let us know your 7 variations in the comments,  and whether you were able to get this done outside.

Feb. 25 – Go all day

QF92 alum Ashley turned me on to the Pomodoro technique, which uses a timer (there’s an app, of course) to have you work for 25 minutes, then rest for 5.

It’s life changing, right up there with falling in love, discovering your purpose in life, completing an epic travel adventure, etc. And all yours by downloading an app, setting a timer, and/or doing this challenge.

For 1 point, and to change your life:

As many rounds as your work day permits

25 minutes of work
5 minutes of active rest

Active rest is
1. forward bend to touch your toes
2. spiderman stretch, then open up like so if possible, each leg
3. 10-15 perfect nose to ground push-ups
4. jump into the bottom of a squat, elbows against your knees, chest up and streeeetch
5. 10 perfect squats or overhead squats
6. any chest opening stretch, with a foam roller if you have one

Let us know in the comments how many rounds you got in. An EXTRA point for folks not working desk jobs but who modify this concept somehow into the work you’re doing.

Feb. 24 – Be Amazing Today

You’re you, so of course you’re going to be amazing today. But it being Wednesday, sometimes out already megabus sized inner amazing dragon can use a boost. To earn 1 point for your team, boost you amazing-dragon today with…

7 sun salutations.
Or you can do an extended mix – here are 108 sun salutations in sets of 12. Follow along for as long as you like.

Then –

75 squats, pausing for a count of 2 at the bottom. Not the soft bottom (the position you held for 10 minutes a couple of days ago), but the active bottom, where your quads and hamstrings are like “Hey! WTF?” Every time you need to stop and shake your legs out, do 3 double push-up burpees.

Fight to keep your chest as upright as possible. Shove your knees out. If you’re having any knee pain, do a squat-less workout from the archives for today and check out some videos on air squat form. Here’s a good looking squat. Here’s the wall drill to improve your mechanics.

If you think you can do all 75 pause squats without stopping, add some weight, either overhead or held at your chest.

Feb 23 – at Rush Center w Zahra…

…to rack up 3 points for your team. Others of us, our 1 point comes with:

5 rounds:

21 squats (or 7 front squats at 70% 1RM); 15 pull-ups, rows or bent over rows with something heavy; 21 V-ups or sit-ups; 1 in person conversation, phone call or email that keeps getting recycled to the bottom of your to-do list.

Not kidding about the phone call/email.Texts don’t count. Just making sure we’re putting the challenging into the challenges.

Feb. 22 – Stretch Push-up Stretch

There must be stretching after all. We’re starting this week off right with a 3-parter that goes stretch, strength, stretch. You can do it all at once, or break it up throughout the day. For 1 point:

(1) 12 simple sun salutations, without rushing

(2) 100 push-ups, without rushing, in at least 2 variations

(3) 10 minutes accumulated sitting in a beautiful squat (you don’t have to have your arms up). If 10 minutes is easy for you, then do it with a broomstick of bar overhead, keeping your torso as upright as possible.

Don’t be fooled. #3 is not easy. Good times to accumulate squat minutes are: while on a boring conference call, when watching TV, playing with children, between push-ups. Plan wisely! Today is a good day to check in with your teammates to give a little encouragement to get these tasks done.

Feb. 21 – On second thought…

well…just wrote a Sunday challenge all about mobility and stretching and then just as I was about to post, the window just sucked itself closed for no apparent reason. Clearly the queerfit gods don’t think stretching is a challenge.

So, on second thought, forget the stretching (other than the sun salutations). For one point this Sunday:

3 sun salutations

Then with a 9 minute timer:

18 mountain climbers each leg
15 lunges each leg (!)12 mule kicks, either the single leg or the double leg version
9 weighted squats
:30 seconds rest (or, if you’re feeling extra extra, a handstand hold)

Post your rounds AND a note on whether you spent/will spend time outdoors today.

Feb. 20 – Let’s put those muscles to good use…

We have a request, dear queerfitters, to help one of our fierce elder leaders move into her new space next Saturday (Feb. 27). Ms. Cheryl Courtney-Evans has been on the front lines of trans* activism since before some of you were born, and continues to give ’em hell at every opportunity. She’s been fighting cancer for the last few months, and can use some muscle with this move. You will, of course, get mad points: 3 big points for your team, and zillions of karma points for your karma pot. Let us know in the comments if you can load in from 11-1 next Saturday. We will carpool from Brownwood Park after queerfit. If you’re not part of QF92, you are OF COURSE more than welcome to come out and help.

Zahra is your coach at Brownwood Park this Saturday. It’ll be near 60 degrees – get there to suck up all that love + good fresh air.

For the remote crew, stretch well and get your mind right before tackling this one:

5 sun salutations, tucking spiderman stretches into the flow there somewhere

Then 5 rounds of:

8 weighted squats, as heavy as possible
20 push-ups
20 V-ups or sit-ups
1/4 mile run

The run is not a sprint, but faster than a lope. If 5 rounds is too much, take a break after 3 and then get back to it.

And drop a note in the comments that yes, you’ve blocked out a few hours on your calendar next Saturday to help Ms. Cheryl move. Y’all good people!