I love that “everything pulled back into place” feeling that comes after a great workout, and am always looking for the simplest, most effective way to get that. For today’s challenge, we’re doing the routine that has worked best for me.

5 sun salutations, as early in the day as possible. Then, anytime (but all in one go) –

10 push-ups
10 standing high jumps or deadlifts

Pause 2-5 seconds between your high jumps to reset, get your mind right, get into position, and then jump like you’re trying to touch the basketball rim. If you have access to a bar & plates and you already know how to deadlift, you can sub deadlifts (use 60% of 1RM) for the standing high jumps.

5, 7, or 9 rounds

Then, throughout the day, do stretches that roll your shoulders back into position. You can reach around and grab your elbows (or forearms) behind your back, clasp your hands with straight arms behind your back, or simply roll your shoulders back and down.

To get your point, let us know how many rounds you chose to do AND let us know what you did throughout the day to roll your shoulders back into position.