Our Wednesday challenge comes in 8 parts, and you have to tick off all 8 to get your 1 point. You’ll barely break a sweat on this one, but for some of you, this will be the toughest challenge yet.

  1. As early in the day as possible, 3-5 sun salutations. Really open up and feel your heart lift in urdhva hastasana, as you reach towards the sky in the upward salute.
  2. Sometime during the day, 12 squats, a spiderman stretch (or pigeon pose if you’re up for that), 12 more squats. Say out loud the name of someone who is – or who should be – in formation with you. Hold the bottom of the 12th squat until you do. Go write that name down.
  3. More than an hour later, repeat #2
  4. More than an hour later, repeat #2
  5. More than an hour later, repeat #2
  6. More than an hour later, repeat #2
  7. More than an hour later, repeat #2.
  8. Contact the person(s) on your list you’ve not seen enough of recently and ask them out on a friend date. It’s girl scout cookies & beer pairings this evening at SweetWater Brewery; the North Dekalb Mall movie theater is $4 before 4:00 and $6 after; groupon has a $15 deal for a painting class at dip n’ dab; Oakland Cemetery is doing an African American history tour this Thursday at 1:30; and the High Museum is free this Sunday from 1-4.

If you need a shot of courage, that’s what the hot sauce in your handbag is for.