Yesterday’s challenge was challenging, yes?

For Thursday, our main move is the divebomber push-up: from a downward facing dog, you dive through your hands into the bottom position of a push-up, then reverse. It’s harder than it looks. If that’s not happening for you, go from a down dog into a plank, and then do a push-up.

You’ll need some open space to do this – declutter your living room, or clear some space in your hallway.

For 1 point:

12 divebomber push-ups (or downdog-to plank-to push-ups)
bear walk 20 feet
stand up and give yourself 10 big swinging hugs. You know, bear hugs
right into 7 tuck jumps – land soft as a ninja!

5 rounds, then

50 squats, in 1 set if possible.

THEN…if you did not make a friend date yesterday, go do that now.