Y’all toughies get out to QF in Brownwood Paaaaaaaaaaark tomorrow morning. It’s going to be really really cold so double up your underwear, sleep with your sweatshirt under your covers today, put your wool socks + shoes + mittens next to your bed and MAKE IT HAPPEN for your coach Glo.

Remote QF-ers, join me in doing:

5 sun salutations, then

1-3 mile jog or power walk
100 air squats OR 5×10 front squats@ 65% 1RM
100 push-ups OR 5×10 bench press  @65% 1RM

You can do the squats and push-ups in any combination before, after, or within the jog/walk.

Those of you with access to a gym, only do the front squats & bench presses if you have an established 1RM and know what you’re doing. I’ll be doing it as 5 sets of [ 400 meter run, 10 front squats, 10 bench presses ] with 2 minutes between sets.