On this day of grabbing that last $6.99 cut flower bouquet at Trader Joe’s and trying for a last minute dinner reservation at a spot that’s all no sir, that groupon two for one dinner does not work on valentines day, so then you’re trying to play like the thick crust Nancy’s pizza is something you ordered special for her and she’s almost buying it but when you turn on netflix you realize your credit card expired and you didn’t update it, well…

Just get this challenge, knowing we at QF love you no matter how bad a valentiner you may be.

For 1 point:

15 overhead squats (can be one armed or two, weighted if you’re able), 18 sit-ups or V-ups, 5 broad jumps, then a 30 second handstand hold. 

Do 1 round for every time you have been madly truly deeply in love. Your pets count. Max rounds is 6.