We are starting our 6th week of QF92. This is the moment when your Day 1 commitments might start to feel a bit far away. Is that you? Are you starting to waver and drift?

It’s alright. Deep breath. Come back, dear Queerfitter. We want you. Your team wants you. You want you.

Here’s you 1 point for Monday:

When you wake up, 5 sun salutations

Set a timer for 7 minutes and get in as many rounds as you can of:

3 lunges each leg, knee kissing the ground with each lunge
5 push-ups, chest brushes the ground
7 mountain climbers each leg, knee touches the elbow
10 squats, below parallel and the full hip extension at the top

This is fast and furious, but don’t cheat your full range of motion. Every movement is tall long and strong.

Tell us in the comments the total number of rounds. Just to get you cranked up – it is possible to get in more than 12 good, beautiful full range of motion rounds.