After a day without push-ups, back to push-ups, with the requisite chest opening counterbalance to keep our postures tall, open and on point. 

Our Thursday challenge, for one point:

Five sun salutations first thing in the morning, then at the top of every hour,

Down dog to plank, then the slowest push-up you can manage. 5 seconds from plank to floor is good, 12 seconds is better. Nose touches ground, push back up. Back into a down dog and repeat 5 more times. Then 12 tuck jumps. Then 1 sun salutation with a pause at the top to really open your heart way up.

You’re doing the 12tuck jumps + 1 sum salutation after your 6 down dog-plank-push-ups,  not after each rep. 

Top of the hour every hour you remember. Get in 6 of these over the course of a day for 1 point.