You’re you, so of course you’re going to be amazing today. But it being Wednesday, sometimes out already megabus sized inner amazing dragon can use a boost. To earn 1 point for your team, boost you amazing-dragon today with…

7 sun salutations.
Or you can do an extended mix – here are 108 sun salutations in sets of 12. Follow along for as long as you like.

Then –

75 squats, pausing for a count of 2 at the bottom. Not the soft bottom (the position you held for 10 minutes a couple of days ago), but the active bottom, where your quads and hamstrings are like “Hey! WTF?” Every time you need to stop and shake your legs out, do 3 double push-up burpees.

Fight to keep your chest as upright as possible. Shove your knees out. If you’re having any knee pain, do a squat-less workout from the archives for today and check out some videos on air squat form. Here’s a good looking squat. Here’s the wall drill to improve your mechanics.

If you think you can do all 75 pause squats without stopping, add some weight, either overhead or held at your chest.