QF92 alum Ashley turned me on to the Pomodoro technique, which uses a timer (there’s an app, of course) to have you work for 25 minutes, then rest for 5.

It’s life changing, right up there with falling in love, discovering your purpose in life, completing an epic travel adventure, etc. And all yours by downloading an app, setting a timer, and/or doing this challenge.

For 1 point, and to change your life:

As many rounds as your work day permits

25 minutes of work
5 minutes of active rest

Active rest is
1. forward bend to touch your toes
2. spiderman stretch, then open up like so if possible, each leg
3. 10-15 perfect nose to ground push-ups
4. jump into the bottom of a squat, elbows against your knees, chest up and streeeetch
5. 10 perfect squats or overhead squats
6. any chest opening stretch, with a foam roller if you have one

Let us know in the comments how many rounds you got in. An EXTRA point for folks not working desk jobs but who modify this concept somehow into the work you’re doing.