The Walking Lunge, one of the best movements to build the strength + balance + flexibility combo that makes you feel exactly the opposite of the Walking Dead.

Did that sentence make sense? Just saying: walk lunge good! Also, super fun!

For 1 point, our Friday challenge:

5 sun salutations as early in the day as possible

Then anytime, preferably outside, gather up some odd objects and do

5 walking lunges each leg point A to point B
12 V-ups or sit-ups
2 burpees
5 walking lunges each leg point B to point A
12 V-ups or sit-ups
2 burpees

You’re going to go back and forth 7 times. Each time, do a variation of the walking lunge. These variations include:

hold a weight with both hands overhead
hold a weight with one hand overhead
hold a weight hugged to your chest
hold weights by your side

Swapping out the objects you use as your weights is fine too.

Let us know your 7 variations in the comments,  and whether you were able to get this done outside.