Sunny and a high of 68 this Sunday. The week upcoming is going to be mostly grey. The challenge today is to get outside for at least an hour to complete one of the following:

  1. a walk along the beltline or around the park or anywhere you stop every 6 minutes to do 1 sun salutation + 10-12 pushups + 8 squats + 20 seconds linking your hands behind your back and opening your chest
  2. this hour long 108-sun salutation sequence where you pause every 10 salutations for restorative chest openers (I’ll be doing them with legs extended)

This one is tough by yourself! Bring along a friend and/or a fellow queerfitter.

If you do both, well, you get 2 points for your team.

AND one for chance for points…Ms. Cheryl’s move date has moved to this Monday night at 6:30. If you’re able to load in (it should be done within an hour), let me know in the comments and we’ll contact you with her address  and details. And thanks to you who have already committed.

Alright. Go soak up all the goodness just flowing for free out the sun.