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April 1 – Accumulations

Today’s challenge is to accumulate 15 minutes at the bottom of a squat, in an inversion, or holding a plank.


The only rule is that at least 5 minutes must be at the bottom of a squat. Knees out, proud chest, heels down. The 15 minutes can be done all at once or broken up throughout the day, in any order.

Let us know in the comments how you made it happen. If you included a max hold in the mix, let us know how long you held what.

Good luck and have fun!

March 31 -Giving UP

A ritual for the last day of each month: give up something that dragged you down this past month. It can be small or large, material or energetic. Incorporated into Thursday’s challenge:

5 sun salutations, being present for each one, but letting your mind drift wherever it might like to drift around the question, “What’s dragged me down in March”?

Lunge steps for however long it takes for you to figure out the thing/person/habit/unfinished business/undealt with mess that was a drag on your joy this past month. Keep lunging until you can articulate what it is you’re going to give up. It need not be forever – you can decide to just give [the whatever] up for a week or a month.

20 jumping jacks to shake [the whatever] loose.
30 second inversion to let [the whatever] fall away.
40 mountain climbers each leg to drive [the whatever] out.
50 foot (not yards!) bear crawl to power yourself away from [the whatever]
40 mountain climbers each leg with the heightened energy you anticipate having
30 second inversion to test out your new view on things without [the whatever ]
20 jumping jacks to express how great it will feel with [the whatever] gone
10 lunge steps each leg with your head and chest up high

1 sun salutation to say hallelujah [the whatever] is about to get gone.

Let us know in the comments that you completed the challenge for 1 point. An extra point for your team if you share [the whatever].


March 30 – Kazakhstanian Unicorn

So, fossils newly discovered in Kazakhstan suggest that unicorns might have been real. How great is that? Not just unicorns, but Kazakhstanian unicorns!

Let’s call today’s challenge the Kazakhstanian Unicorn Fiver. It’s best done outdoors. For one point:

50 squats in as few sets as possible
50 meters high knee skipmaximum number of slow, perfect pushups
2 sun salutations

Do that twice. That’s it. Let us know in the comments whether you were able to do it outside. If not, how you managed to skip for 50 meters. Your pushup count too if you’d like to share.

March 29 – big weights = big fun

We have a couple of new 45 pound plates in, so you can guess that everyone’s favorite big lift is going to be part of the mix tomorrow. Here are your points:

3 points for being there
1 extra point for bringing a friend

And the home workout earns 1 point even if you come to the 6:15 at Brownwood Park. Here it is:

3 sun salutations, including spiderman stretches, then

8 rounds (yes 8!) of:

15 pushups
10 one-armed overhead squats
5 star jumps
15 second super butt squeeze, either standing or in a plank. Count 15 and SQUEEZE WITHOUT CEASE!


March 28 – Hot Shot Monday

Something quick and dirty to get our Monday off the blocks. To earn one point for your team:

5 sun salutations when you wake up, then anytime during the day (but really now, just get it done in your pajamas as you finish up the last sun salutation) –

Set a timer for 6 minutes. As many rounds as you can squeeze into those 6 minutes of

12 squats
9 mountain climbers each leg
6 V-ups or sit-ups
3 burpees with super high explosive reach for the ceiling jumps

And that’s it. Drink a big glass of water and let us know in the comments you did your thing.

March 27 – Sunday Doubles

It was team #nolabels by a single point this past week. One point.One. Point.

Sunday’s challenge for one (and possibly two or three – see below) point(s):

5 sun salutations as early in the day as possible, then

Every 2 minutes, do:

15 jumping squats
12 T-push-ups (6 each side – use weights if you’d like!)
10-12 foot bear crawl
50-60 yard run (or 50 mountain climbers if you can’t get outside to run)

If you’re done before 2 minutes, rest for the remainder of the 2 minutes. If it takes you longer than 2 minutes, finish the full round and rest 15-20 seconds.

You’re going for a total of 12 minutes.

For an additional point, do this with a friend. If the other person is a fellow QF92er, it’s an extra 2 points. Be specific in the comments how many points you’ve earned for your team today. Go team!

March 26 – new toy day

We have new toys for queerfitting – come out to play with them at brownwood park during our Saturday 10:00.

If you can’t make the workout, your Saturday challenge is to find a new physical activity and go do it. It must be new to you, it should last at least 15 minutes, and you must break a sweat. Report your activity in the comments for 1 point. The activity need not be G-rated but use wholesome family friendly G-rated words in your report.

March 25 – Yer Super Core

Friday’s challenge will have you lighting up your life by stabilizing through your core.  I’m not really sure what that means, but do this and let us know in the comments that you’ve earned your team its much needed point on this week’s final day to earn points. The challenge:

5 sun salutations, really opening up your chest.
12 squats, 12 pushups, 12 squats to warm up

Then –

12 overhead squats with a broomstick (or 6 with a weighted bar)
4 jump the broom burpees – do your burpee facing the broomstick/bar, then use your jump to jump over the broomstick/bar, that’s one.  They look like this.
20 sit-ups of any variety
45 second plank

3 rounds. 5 if you’re feeling frisky.

Get it in!

March 24 – Thursday is for Thrusting

Our Thursday challenge is best done with dumbbells, but anything weighty will do. If you don’t have dumbbells, start cruising around, Play it Again Sports, and yard sales for a pair. You should be able to find nice & ugly dumbbells for 50 cents a pound – go for a weight that makes everything feel oh so excellent gooooood in today’s thruster workout.

Things I’ve used in lieu of dumbbells for thrusters: gallon milk containers filled with water;  barstools, one in each hand; flowerpots filled with dirt; the end of a picnic table; a barbell, two backpacks filled with books.

For 1 point for your team:

5 sun salutations

7-12 thrusters, depending on weight of what you’re thrustering
10 pushups
7-12 thrusters
8 push-ups
7-12 thrusters
6 push-ups
walking lunge across the room with weights overhead
7-12 thrusters
6 push-ups
7-12 thrusters
8 push-ups
7-12 thrusters
10 push-ups
walking lunge across the room with weights overhead

Then 5 more sun salutations. Let us know in the comments what your thrustered this Thursday.

March 23 – A Point for Sunshine

It being Wednesday with a forecast for Total Weather Perfection, our challenge today is all about the midweek sunshine. For 1 point for your team, get outside and walk around for 20 minutes with your face raised up to the sun. Run if you like.

For an extra point, include at least 100 total yards of bear walking, dragon walking, duck walking, or crab walking. Your animal, your choice. Let us know in the comments your spirit walk animal for the extra point.