My right shoulder has been bugging me for months, going click click click whenever I roll my shoulders back. I’ve been working around it but it finally got so aggravating I googled around the interwebs and figured out my first rib has been out of place all this time. With some pushing and prodding, I was able to pop that sucker back into place. No more clicking, no more pain. 

What’s been bugging you for way too long that needs to get popped back into place? Today challenge, for 1 point:

3 sun salutations + Spider-man stretches, then 15 squats, 15 jumping jacks to warm up.

Then set a timer for 3 minutes and do squats or lunges at a pace you can maintain without stopping for the entire 3 minutes. While you’re squatting or lunging, locate the thing that’s been bugging you for way too long – it’s probably NOT a shoulder joint; it’s probably some friend or work or love relationship related thing that’s been popped out of place for a while now.

When your 3 minutes is up, reset the timer and go 3 minutes of push-ups (in sets of 5) or pull-ups (in sets of 3). While you’re pushing or pulling, figure out how you’re going to get what’s out of place popped back into place. 

At the end of 3 minutes, 3 deep breathes, and go pop your metaphorical 1st rib back into place.

1 point for figuring out what’s out of place, an extra point for doing it. Let us know in the comments what you figured out and/or did today.