Friday’s challenge has you working all day on your public displays of strength and mobility. We’ll be doing one-armed overhead squats…with anything we can find that’s the right kind of heavy…all day long.

First, start the day with 5 sun salutations. You should by now be rolling out of bed into sun salutations. Your dog stretches when it wakes up. Your cat stretches. Lions stretch. Earthworms stretch. All creatures stretch, so be a creature and make your transition from sleep to awake with 5 sun salutations.

Then, let’s review one-armed overhead squats. You want a straight line from weight to mid-foot. If the weight drifts forward (the most likely) or back, you’ll be fighting just to keep the weight overhead. Push your butt back to start the movement, keep your weight on your heels and your chest up, sit as you would in a perfect air squat. It helps (and you look more like a badass) to extend your other arm out in front of you as a counterbalance. If your shoulder mobility is limited and no matter how hard you try to pull the weight upright your squat still looks as crappy as this guy’s, bless his heart, then you won’t be doing overhead squats today – sub out weighted squats, holding the weight close to your chest.

Now, the challenge. All day Friday, pick up anything you can overhead squat and, well,  put that weight over your head and overhead squat. You’re shooting for a total of 100 one-armed overhead squats, but more is fine. To earn your point for your team, let us know in the comments the variety of things you hefted.