QF92 is in our March Madness, but being queerfit, we’re ahead of the curve and already in the final four…the final four weeks of QF92, that is.

You think queerfit is about strength and mobility, community and connection, peace and happiness? Yes, yes, of course it’s about those things. But when we hit the final four weeks, it becomes about 2 things:

  1. Deadlifts and
  2. Points

Mostly, points. In queerfit as in college basketball, once you get to the final four, it doesn’t matter what came before. It’s a whole new season, and things get serious about crowning a champ. Each week’s points will be tallied separately, so any team can win any week. The team with the most weekly wins, wins. Do what you need to do to get your teammates to the workouts and doing the daily challenges. The coveted title of “Greatest QF92 Team for the Time Being” depends on it.

For 1 point on Monday, a challenge from Coach Zahra:

7 sun salutations

3 rounds of –

15 burpees
15 lunges each leg
15 tuck jumps
15 push-ups
5 pistols each leg, a progression towards the pistol, or a dumbbell one-legged squat

Then a max wall sit.

You’re doing the wall sit just once – not at the end of each round. Get your thighs parallel to the ground and time it if you’re able. Let us know in the comments how your one-legged attempts went, and then time on your max sit.