First, an all hail to team #datscute. Points domination this past week, congratulations. The slate is wiped clean and this week is up for grabs. The Sunday challenge, to earn 1 or 2 points for your team:

5 sun salutations, outside in the sun if you’re able.

5 rounds of this quick triplet:

20 push-ups, 25 squat, 2 min run or speed power walk (or 400 meter if you have a 1/4 mile route)

Do a different push-up variation each round…here are 82 variations to choose from. 

It’s 1 point for completion and posting to comments your variations. 

It’s an extra point for doing your rounds outside. For the extra point, include in the comments where you did your rounds.

Here’s to a Sunday that is as amazing as you –