A ritual for the last day of each month: give up something that dragged you down this past month. It can be small or large, material or energetic. Incorporated into Thursday’s challenge:

5 sun salutations, being present for each one, but letting your mind drift wherever it might like to drift around the question, “What’s dragged me down in March”?

Lunge steps for however long it takes for you to figure out the thing/person/habit/unfinished business/undealt with mess that was a drag on your joy this past month. Keep lunging until you can articulate what it is you’re going to give up. It need not be forever – you can decide to just give [the whatever] up for a week or a month.

20 jumping jacks to shake [the whatever] loose.
30 second inversion to let [the whatever] fall away.
40 mountain climbers each leg to drive [the whatever] out.
50 foot (not yards!) bear crawl to power yourself away from [the whatever]
40 mountain climbers each leg with the heightened energy you anticipate having
30 second inversion to test out your new view on things without [the whatever ]
20 jumping jacks to express how great it will feel with [the whatever] gone
10 lunge steps each leg with your head and chest up high

1 sun salutation to say hallelujah [the whatever] is about to get gone.

Let us know in the comments that you completed the challenge for 1 point. An extra point for your team if you share [the whatever].