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March 22 – to the park…

3 points for making it to Brownwood Park for our 6:15 workout.

The 1 pointer, if you’re playing along remotely:

5 sun salutations

then every hour on the hour for at least 7 hours:

15 squats
10 jumping squats
5 pushups
20 mountain climbers30 second down dog or handstand hold

These should not be done as 7 continuous rounds. You’re trying to break up your day, especially if your job has you sitting down or standing still in one spot. Just trying to save your dang life.

March 21 – Kung Fu Donkey Kick Monday

What better way to start the week than with sun salutations and kung fu donkey kicks (with a twist)? Here’s a version that’s a little less high kicking but still super excellent for a monday challenge. And another way to get both legs up and kicking.

For 1 point, and for a sh*t kicking start of the week:bear

5 sun salutations, then

5 minutes of

8 squats
5 weighted squats (holding as heavy and awkward a weight as you can manage)
8 donkey kicks
5 burpees

When the 5 minutes are done, take note of how awesome you feel, and do 40 of your choice: push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, or overhead squats. Whatever your body is asking for this fine Monday. Let us know in the comments what you picked as your bonus 40.

March 20 – Sunday triplet

First, an all hail to team #datscute. Points domination this past week, congratulations. The slate is wiped clean and this week is up for grabs. The Sunday challenge, to earn 1 or 2 points for your team:

5 sun salutations, outside in the sun if you’re able.

5 rounds of this quick triplet:

20 push-ups, 25 squat, 2 min run or speed power walk (or 400 meter if you have a 1/4 mile route)

Do a different push-up variation each round…here are 82 variations to choose from. 

It’s 1 point for completion and posting to comments your variations. 

It’s an extra point for doing your rounds outside. For the extra point, include in the comments where you did your rounds.

Here’s to a Sunday that is as amazing as you –

March 19 – Fear not the rain

Rain or shine, we’ll be at Brownwood Park tomorrow for our 10:00 QF92 workout. The pavilion will keep us dry in case of rain. 3 points for coming out…but if it’s raining at 10:00 am, you’re  getting 5 points for your team.

If you’re remote, you make-up workout for 1 point is:

3 rounds of:

50 jumping jacks
40 mountain climbers (20 each leg)
30 squats
20 pushups
10 kung fu mule kicks (try it – kick like no one’s watching – have fun!)
max handstand hold (if you don’t have a handstand hold, try kicking up into a handstand 4 or 5 times)

March 18 – Dragon Walk Friday

It’s Friday, so let’s try a new move: the dragon walk.

Our challenge  for 1 point starts with

5 sun salutations, then

4 rounds of:

12 pushups
6 overhead squats using a broomstick (or weighted bar if you have access to one) OR 3 one armed overhead squats each arm
15 feet dragon walk from point A to point B

6 pushups
12 squats, pausing at the bottom 3 seconds
15 feet bear walk from point B to point A

Then for as much as you’d like throughout the day, dragon walk around the house, office, park, gym, or wherever. Because it’s Friday. Because you can.

March 17 – Math Day

Today’s challenge requires a bit of math.

Start with 60. Subtract your age. This is your number of reps. Let’s call it X.
Take your age. Divide by 6. Round up. This is your number of rounds. Let’s call it Y.

Thursday’s challenge starts with 5 sun salutations as early in the day as possible. Then:

Y rounds of:

X burpees
X squats
X push-ups
X switch kicks each leg

Then your age in V-ups or sit-ups

Get it in!


March 16 – Shoulder Bern

We’ve made it this far in QF92 without any reference to Feel the Bern. Alas, no further. Wednesday’s challenge  is a Feel the Bern, Shoulder version. Brought to you by Zahra, for 1 point:

9 sun salutations to warm up – then,

5 rounds of

9 burpees
18 second inversion
9 push presses with weights or something heavy-ish
18 squats
9 push-ups
18 foot bear crawl

Your rounds will go more smoothly if on the bear crawl you go 9 feet out then turn around and come 9 feet back. Otherwise, you’ll be running back and forth to get to your push press weights.

Post to comments to get your point.


March 15 – Brownwood + 48s

Your main Tuesday challenge is to get to Brownwood Park for our 6:15 workout. It’s that magic time of the year when the sun is out for our evening workout, the air is warm but not blistering hot, and there are no mosquitoes. I’ll bring a bottle of Claritin for those of us with allergies.

If you’re remote, your Tuesday challenge is:

6 sun salutations, immediately followed by

2 rounds of

48 squats
48 calf raises
48 good mornings
48 box jumps/step-ups or tuck jumps
48 second plank


March 14 – Final Four

QF92 is in our March Madness, but being queerfit, we’re ahead of the curve and already in the final four…the final four weeks of QF92, that is.

You think queerfit is about strength and mobility, community and connection, peace and happiness? Yes, yes, of course it’s about those things. But when we hit the final four weeks, it becomes about 2 things:

  1. Deadlifts and
  2. Points

Mostly, points. In queerfit as in college basketball, once you get to the final four, it doesn’t matter what came before. It’s a whole new season, and things get serious about crowning a champ. Each week’s points will be tallied separately, so any team can win any week. The team with the most weekly wins, wins. Do what you need to do to get your teammates to the workouts and doing the daily challenges. The coveted title of “Greatest QF92 Team for the Time Being” depends on it.

For 1 point on Monday, a challenge from Coach Zahra:

7 sun salutations

3 rounds of –

15 burpees
15 lunges each leg
15 tuck jumps
15 push-ups
5 pistols each leg, a progression towards the pistol, or a dumbbell one-legged squat

Then a max wall sit.

You’re doing the wall sit just once – not at the end of each round. Get your thighs parallel to the ground and time it if you’re able. Let us know in the comments how your one-legged attempts went, and then time on your max sit.

March 13 -Z1 Challenge

This week’s challenges are brought to you by the letter Z, for Zahra. For 1 point:

5 sun salutations, then

5 rounds of

25 push-ups
25 tuck jumps (land softly – pause and rest when you start clomping)
25 bench dips*
15 V-ups
30 second plank

*if you have any nudginess in your shoulders, whether current or historic, substitute 12 diamond pushups for the bench dips

Let us know in the comments when you’re done.