Our Monday challenge gets your up and strong, using three explosive moves. For 1 point:

5 sun salutations, then

3-5 clapping push-ups or some version of one. It you can’t quite get the clap, push off as hard as you can at the bottom. Who knows, you just might get a millimeter airborn, maybe an inch, maybe enough to sneak in a quick clap. If you can clap your hands, try for a chest touch. If you can touch your chest, try for this, the clap behind your back.
3-5 high jumps. Really exploding upwards, pausing between each jump to gather yourself so you can reach up as high as you can get, like you’re trying to touch the basketball rim.
3-5 handstand pushups or divebomber pushups
20 squats

5 rounds. Then pick one of the moves (push-ups, high jumps, handstand pushups, or divebomber pushups) and do another 5 sets of 3-5.

That’s it – no need to rush this workout. Go for quality of movement. Surprise yourself today.