It’s a wrap this Saturday, so bring yourself and for an extra point, bring a friend to our final QF92 group workout. Dress in layers – forecast is for 48 degrees and windy, but Shae is coaching, so you’ll warm up quick.

There will be a longer post and more details on the FB page in a few days about life post-QF92. The 6:15 Tuesday and 10:00 Saturday workouts will continue, and are open to QF92 folks past and present + anyone who is member of the FB group. Guests are always welcome, just be mindful as always that the space is intended for trans and LGBQ people of color and our allies.

Team #nolabels had a small lead as of yesterday, but all teams are within striking distance of winning this final point tally. To add to your 3 points for getting to practice and the 1 point for bringing a friend, the final challenge for 3 more points for your team:

Give a shout out in the comments to (1) someone from your team, (2) someone not on your team, and (3) yourself. Be specific about what’s so good, inspiring, impressive, joyful, excellent, fun, strong, kick-ass, etc. about your (1), (2), and (3). You must give your own damn self a genuinely loving shout out to get these 3 points. Go to it!