Rejuvenation September is upon us already? Indeed! Pay yew bills, do a few neck stretches, and get out your calendars because there’s something on tap every day of the month. The  challenge is not to do every last thing that’s listed. Rather, the challenge is to figure out how to use the month to build your individual – and our collective – resilience. What’s right for you might be to partnering up with a friend and committing to going to yoga every Sunday. It might be to get a couple of your fellas together on Tuesdays and work your back squats. As detailed in the previous post, everything repeats through the month: salsa on Mondays, heavy lifting on Tuesdays, etc.

Our goals are simply to (1) see more of each other this month as we (2) pick up some new resilience practices.

Here’s what’s on tap for the first week:

Monday (Sept. 5). Bronx-style salsa in the West End with Quic Rojas. Quic @zuluquic is a superdope athlete/bboy/lover of life who is welcoming us to his weekly “community gathering which pays homage to Afro Latin culture” happening this week at Gallery 992 (992 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd) in the West End. Doors open at 6:00, lesson at 7:00. You can buy a $7 ticket here, or drop your name in the comments below saying you intend to go and QF will cover you. We want more salsa dancers in the world!

Tuesday (Sept. 6). Heavy lifting with your QF coaches. Deadlift, power cleans, squats, maybe a bench press or two. Come anytime between 6:30 and 8:00 to the East Atlanta Barbell Club (530 Flat Shoals Ave.), where they’re offering up their shiny new bars, new lifting platforms, and anti-racist/anti-capitalist politics for our lifting pleasure. Whether you’ve never done a heavy lift ever, or you’re training for the next powerlifting competition, we’ve got you covered. Come and move big weight.

Wednesday (Sept. 7). Outdoor yoga at the central green lawn in Atlantic Station. It starts at 6:30 and they ask you to bring your own mat. The yoga is free but the parking will run you a few bucks.

Thursday (Sept. 8). Meditation. This is on your own. 7 minutes of seated meditation. If you have a good guided meditation youtube or download, let us know in the comments. There’s also a 30 minute meditation group at Ponce de Leon library at 12:00 if you want to sit with others.

Friday (Sept. 9) Swimming at Adamsville Natatorium (3201 M. L. King Jr. Drive S.W.). As a clinical psychiatrist noted, there is no drug — recreational or prescription — capable of inducing the tranquil euphoria brought on by swimming. Let’s dive into this enforced solitude together. We will be in the water starting at 6:00. The pool closes at 7:00.

Saturday (Sept. 10). Classic queerfit in Brownwood Park. Whether you’re a regular, a onetime QF92-er, or a never-been-but-want-to-try, join us at 10:00 for an energizing group workout in the great outdoors.

Sunday (Sept. 11). Yoga with Osatyam, led by the indomitable Crystal Monds and a rotation of Black, queer, body-positive, feminine identified instructors at Charis Books (1189 Euclid Ave NE). The class starts at 11:00. It’s a $5-20 donation, or you can sign in as “queerfit” when you go and we’ll cover you.

Get your grove on this weekend, whether it’s at Black Pride, House in the Park, DragonCon, or the Decatur Book Festival, and we’ll see you next week.