Need some structure to your days? A time to do push-ups with friends? Some yoga and meditation to calm your racing thoughts?

We got you.

Queerfit, Quarantine Edition starts this Monday, March 23. In partnership with Osatyam, Charisse M. Williams, Khye Tyson, and Jaadu Acupuncture, this is an 8-week program to help us all:

 Get exercise. We have options on tap (pick any or all):

  • Queerfit ATL w/ Glo and Kung Li(Mon & Thur)
  • Yoga w/ Crystal Monds of Osatyam (Tues)
  • Meditation w/ leadership coach Charisse Williams (Wed)
  • Core strength & stability w/ Pilates practitioner Khye Tyson (Fri)

Stay connected. We will be on Zoom, keeping each class small enough so people can see each other and chat before and after.

Set up a routine. We will be live every weekday Mon-Fri at 5:00 pm EST. This is not a “drop in when I feel like it” situation. It’s more “come on we’re expecting you.”

Build our immunity. Certified acupuncturist Spenta Kandawalla, trained in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), will help us build our immunity with weekly emails.

We want to give anyone who has joined us at Queerfit, plus our close friends and comrades, a chance to sign up before we open this up to a larger group. Please fill out this google form if you’re interested. You can forward this invitation to other individuals as you see fit, but please do not repost on FB.

There is no charge. You will be given the opportunity to donate directly to the instructors, and/or to make a donation to a mutual aid fund.

We will hit our max number quickly, so apply ASAP. Like, right now.

Socially distant xoxoxoxs,

The Quarantine Collaborative