We are a group of trans*, gender nonconforming, LGB people of color and our allies, of various ages, mobilities, and fitness levels. With Queerfit, we are becoming stronger and more mobile, individually and as a group. We’re discovering that in the process, we’re also becoming happier, more daring, more resilient, and more tuned in to our innate badass-ery.

Queerfit is organized into three tiers…

Tier 1: Queerfit Open. These are 30-day challenges that come at you in the form of daily dares. Queerfit Open lives here on the queerfit.org blog and is open to everyone. The daily dares are programmed in 30 day chunks, and even though you can come in at any time, you should commit to completing the entire 30 days if you want the challenge to work its magic. To be a part of Queerfit Open, you should:

  1. Go to queerfit.org and in the upper right corner (“Join Queerfit”), sign up for the updates. The daily dare will arrive in your email.
  2. Buy or borrow a pair of dumbbells. You should be able, with some difficulty, to do 5 presses (not push presses or jerk presses) with that weight. It’s perfectly ok, and even preferable, to have a mismatched pair: one 20 pounder one 25 pounder, for example. You can get dumbbells for 50 cents (or less) per pound at Play it Again Sports, Walmart, and on craigslist.
  3. Build yourself a team, because we’re human, and humans are hardwired to do more when we are part of a group. It’s totally scientific: you are about 5000% more likely to complete the 30-day challenge if you are part of a 4-6 person group. Though it’s not mandatory, we strongly encourage you to join up with 4 or 5 friends, co-workers, your cousin in Detroit, your ex-roommate in Mexico City, etc. Give yourselves a #name and jump into the next 30-day challenge together.
  4. Post on the blog. When you do the daily challenge, let us know. When you see someone doing something amazing in the comments, give them some love.

Tier 2: QF Supergroup. These are Tuesday and Saturday workouts at Brownwood Park in Atlanta, and are limited to members of the QF Supergroup. Are you part of the Supergroup? Check the Facebook group – if you’re part of the Facebook group, you’re a member of the QF Supergroup. If you’re not in the QF Supergroup and would like to join, you should:

  1. Apply by completing this application and sending it (either as an attachment or just in the body of the email) to QFSupergroup@gmail.com. We will accept applications on a rolling basis, in order to keep our in-person workouts at a manageable size, and to maintain QF Supergroup as a people of color space. If you’re not immediately accepted, we will hold your application for future consideration.
  2. If you’re accepted as a member, come to the workouts at Brownwood Park, at 6:15 on Tuesdays, and 10:00 on Saturdays. You’re not expected to show up at every workout, but we’ll miss you when you’re not there.

Tier 3: QF92. This was the 92 day program offered early in 2015. We will tweak and repeat in 2016. Given the level of demand, we anticipate that QF92 in 2016 will be limited to people who are already part of QF Supergroup. We’ll let you know through the blog and on FB how to apply.