April 6 – greatest challenge repeat and/or triple threat

2 points possible today, but only if your inbox overfloweth…

1 point for your team: do yesterday’s challenge if you did not do it already.

2d point for your team:

6 rounds

10 jumping squats (land softly!), 5 extremely slow push-ups, 5 one-armed squats each arm, 15 foot bear walk

Help your teammates help your team. We’re in the home stretch, ye mighty queerfitters…all the way all the way.

April 5 – greatest challenge ever + bring a friend

5 points possible today during our final week of QF92. It being Tuesday, there are 3 points to be had for getting to Brownwood Park for our 6:15. Glo is on deck to coach, so bring your A game.

If you bring a friend, your team racks up an extra point.

Not enough? An additional point is possible by doing this challenge as well…

Set a timer for 12 minutes. Then as many rounds as you can squeeze in of:

30 squats (get low!)
12 pushups
Delete 15 emails from your inbox. If you do not have a spam filter and you’re deleting a lot of spam, your number is 25.

Let us know how it goes.

April 4 – Monday Strong

Our Monday challenge gets your up and strong, using three explosive moves. For 1 point:

5 sun salutations, then

3-5 clapping push-ups or some version of one. It you can’t quite get the clap, push off as hard as you can at the bottom. Who knows, you just might get a millimeter airborn, maybe an inch, maybe enough to sneak in a quick clap. If you can clap your hands, try for a chest touch. If you can touch your chest, try for this, the clap behind your back.
3-5 high jumps. Really exploding upwards, pausing between each jump to gather yourself so you can reach up as high as you can get, like you’re trying to touch the basketball rim.
3-5 handstand pushups or divebomber pushups
20 squats

5 rounds. Then pick one of the moves (push-ups, high jumps, handstand pushups, or divebomber pushups) and do another 5 sets of 3-5.

That’s it – no need to rush this workout. Go for quality of movement. Surprise yourself today.

April 3 Final Week of QF92

Can it be?

Last week’s points winner: #nolabels. By a landslide. Do not go gently into the night, all ye other teams! Many points in the mix for this final week.

Tuesday will be a bring a friend day, so make your invitations.

For today’s challenge, there are 2 possible points:

5 sun salutations as early in the day as possible. (Even if you’re not going to do the challenge, do the sun salutations. If there’s one thing you want to take with you from QF92 as a daily practice, it’s stretching your way into the day when you wake up every morning.) Then, anytime,

3 burpees
7 walking lunges each leg
3 burpees
7 reverse walking lunges each leg
3 burpees
15 seconds rest

Repeat total of 4 rounds. Take the full 15 seconds of rest! Give us your total time in the comments.

For an extra point, do the workout outside, and run at least 1/4 mile at the end. It need not be fast. It need not even be a run. But if your body wants to run,run! Let us know in the comments if you get that extra point.

April 2 – jump crawl jump run 

Get yourself to QF at 10:00 for 3 points, or for 1 remotely:

100 rope skips or jumping jacks, 15 feet bear crawl, 8 broad jumps (land lightly!), 400 meter run

4 rounds. 

April 1 – Accumulations

Today’s challenge is to accumulate 15 minutes at the bottom of a squat, in an inversion, or holding a plank.


The only rule is that at least 5 minutes must be at the bottom of a squat. Knees out, proud chest, heels down. The 15 minutes can be done all at once or broken up throughout the day, in any order.

Let us know in the comments how you made it happen. If you included a max hold in the mix, let us know how long you held what.

Good luck and have fun!

March 31 -Giving UP

A ritual for the last day of each month: give up something that dragged you down this past month. It can be small or large, material or energetic. Incorporated into Thursday’s challenge:

5 sun salutations, being present for each one, but letting your mind drift wherever it might like to drift around the question, “What’s dragged me down in March”?

Lunge steps for however long it takes for you to figure out the thing/person/habit/unfinished business/undealt with mess that was a drag on your joy this past month. Keep lunging until you can articulate what it is you’re going to give up. It need not be forever – you can decide to just give [the whatever] up for a week or a month.

20 jumping jacks to shake [the whatever] loose.
30 second inversion to let [the whatever] fall away.
40 mountain climbers each leg to drive [the whatever] out.
50 foot (not yards!) bear crawl to power yourself away from [the whatever]
40 mountain climbers each leg with the heightened energy you anticipate having
30 second inversion to test out your new view on things without [the whatever ]
20 jumping jacks to express how great it will feel with [the whatever] gone
10 lunge steps each leg with your head and chest up high

1 sun salutation to say hallelujah [the whatever] is about to get gone.

Let us know in the comments that you completed the challenge for 1 point. An extra point for your team if you share [the whatever].


March 30 – Kazakhstanian Unicorn

So, fossils newly discovered in Kazakhstan suggest that unicorns might have been real. How great is that? Not just unicorns, but Kazakhstanian unicorns!

Let’s call today’s challenge the Kazakhstanian Unicorn Fiver. It’s best done outdoors. For one point:

50 squats in as few sets as possible
50 meters high knee skipmaximum number of slow, perfect pushups
2 sun salutations

Do that twice. That’s it. Let us know in the comments whether you were able to do it outside. If not, how you managed to skip for 50 meters. Your pushup count too if you’d like to share.

March 29 – big weights = big fun

We have a couple of new 45 pound plates in, so you can guess that everyone’s favorite big lift is going to be part of the mix tomorrow. Here are your points:

3 points for being there
1 extra point for bringing a friend

And the home workout earns 1 point even if you come to the 6:15 at Brownwood Park. Here it is:

3 sun salutations, including spiderman stretches, then

8 rounds (yes 8!) of:

15 pushups
10 one-armed overhead squats
5 star jumps
15 second super butt squeeze, either standing or in a plank. Count 15 and SQUEEZE WITHOUT CEASE!


March 28 – Hot Shot Monday

Something quick and dirty to get our Monday off the blocks. To earn one point for your team:

5 sun salutations when you wake up, then anytime during the day (but really now, just get it done in your pajamas as you finish up the last sun salutation) –

Set a timer for 6 minutes. As many rounds as you can squeeze into those 6 minutes of

12 squats
9 mountain climbers each leg
6 V-ups or sit-ups
3 burpees with super high explosive reach for the ceiling jumps

And that’s it. Drink a big glass of water and let us know in the comments you did your thing.